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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first rehearsal of English Competition.
Today we have the students from English Public Speaking Classes and some students from Economics Dept. International Trade Classes. Welcome!
Male: First, let me introduce the hostess for today, a pretty young lady her name is __ Who is from English Public Speaking Class_
Female: standing here beside me is Mr.__ He is also from English Public Speaking Class___I’m honored today to co-host today’s speaking competition rehearsal. (排演, 演习, 预演, 试演)
Female: Now, let’s meet our honorable judges for today,
Male: Prof. Li Rong Xuan , director of F.L.D
Prof. Lei li Mei, director of Applied English Department
Female: Professor Wu Xiao Feng, English teacher of F.L.D
Miss Wang Hui, English teacher of F.L.D
Female: Mr. Wang Yi Ping, English teacher of F.L.D
Male: Sam, foreign teacher from USA
There are three parts in today’s rehearsal, starting with prepared speech, and following by Q&A section, and last part is Impromptu (即席演出, 即兴曲adj.即席的adv.即席地, 未经准备地)speech. Each part will be given 3 min.
And the topic for prepared speech today is “Global citizenship begins at home”
Let’s welcome contestant No 1
Now let’s come to the second part of Q&A, the question master American teacher Sam will ask 2 questions according to the prepared speech. Are you ready, Sam Please?
Now the third part impromptu speech, today’s topic is _______ you have three min. in this part.

good morning/evening,boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen,(因为有学生,有老师) welcome to the English Speech contest of xxx school.
I have the great privilege of presenting today’s judges for this Speech Contest. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr.xxx from…
Now I would like to introduce the rules for this contest. Number one…
I know we are all deeply impressed by the wonderful speeches presented by the (10 说出参赛者的总人数)contestants. Thank you for your hard work. Boys and girls,(转向听众)Let’s give them a big round of applause.(为参赛者鼓掌)
And I think our distinguished judges who make this contest possible deserve a big round of applause, too.(感谢裁判)
Last but not the least, boys and girls, I think you deserve a big round of applause, too for being such good audience.(感谢听众,自己给自己鼓掌)
Good bye! See you next time!
1.He is too well known to require my introduction.
2.I want to welcome you all to the World peace Symposium.
3.Mr. Smith is so famous that any introduction would be superfluous.
4.It is my pleasure to introduce the keynote speaker for tonight, Dr. Smith.
5.We’re all anxious to hear Mrs. Smith’s remarks, so let us all welcome her to the podium.
6.Mr. Smith, will you please give us the pleasure of hearing your speech?
7.We are sure to hear some informative lecturers, engage in some good profitable discussions, and make some friends,too.
8.I hope that you will enjoy his lecture and get out of it something that will be a permanent enrichment of your lives.
9.The distinguished speaker who will address us on “ A History of English” is the American linguist, Dr. Smith.
10.Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to present to you the great British lawyer, Mr. Smith.
11.On behalf of the faculty and students of this university,I wish to say a word of hearty appreciation to Mr. Smith for the very instructive lecture he has just given us on —–.”
12.We hope that all of you can attend every meeting as well as the lecture.
13.I am also very pleased and gratified to see such a large audience made up entirely of young people.
14.If you have any questions at any time, please feel free to see Miss Smith of the planning staff or me. We’ll be happy to help you.
15.I’d like to take just a moment to introduce a special observer to our meeting today.
16.Good-bye, and safe traveling.
17.I hope to see all of you here next year.
18.I want to take a minute to thank the keynote speakers,Mr. Smith and Mr. Williams.
19.It hardly seems that the five days given to this conference have passed already.
20.Prof. Smith will make a short address to all of us giving his thanks and his impressions of the convention.

1.Welcome to the finals of the speech Contest!
2.Thank you for coming to the speech Contest!
3.Welcome and thanks to our judges!
4.Now let’s begin and let’s all give the speakers our support.
5.It is a great pleasure for me to declare open the speech Contest.
6.I now formally declare the speech contest open.
7.Thank you very much for coming here today.
8.Congratulations to you all!
9.We hope that the speakers will make the most of this rare opportunity to speak to the judges individually and ask them for a more detailed analysis of the good as well as weak points of the speeches they made.
10.Now I wasn’t to make just a few remarks in closing this debating contest.
11.I now formally declare this speech contest closed.
12.Thank you all for coming, and we’ll look forward to seeing you next year at the next contest.
13.What a joy it is to stand here before you welcoming the members of our debate team who distinguished themselves so well in the Debating Finals held in Kaohisung week.
14.Allow me to conclude by once thanking the judges for their kind cooperation and by wishing each of the speakers the very best of luck.
15.I never expected that I would de invited to attend 5th is as one of the winners.
16.First, I am very grateful to the English Speaking Society of ABC University for their graciousness in holding a grand reception like this.
-I will be pleased to answer any questions you may have at the end of the presentation.
-Please can you save your questions till the end.
-If you have any questions, I will be pleased to answer them at the end of the presentation.
-there will be time at the end of the presentation to answer your questions
-so please feel free to ask me anything then.
-Don’t hesitate to interrupt if you have a question.
-Please feel free to interrupt me at any time.
-Please stop me if you have any questions.
-If you need clarification on any point, you’re welcome to ask questions at any time.
-Can I come back to that point later?
-I will be coming to that point in a minute.
-That’s a tricky question.
-We will go into details later. But just to give you an idea of…
-I am afraid there’s no easy answer to that one…
-Yes, that’s a very good point.
-Perhaps we could leave that point until the questions at
the end of the presentation
-I think I said that I would answer questions at the end of the presentation—perhaps you wouldn’t mind waiting until then.
-I think we have time for just one more question
- Welcome to our company
- I am pleased to be able to welcome you to our company…
- I’d like to thank you for coming.
- May I take this opportunity of thanking you for coming
- I’m glad you could all get here…
- I’m glad to see so many people here.
- It’s GREat to be back here.
- Hello again everybody. Thank you for being on time/making the effort to come today.
- Welcome to X Part II.
- I am delighted/pleased/glad to have the opportunity to present/of making this presentation…
- I am grateful for the opportunity to present…
- I’d like to thank you for inviting/asking me/giving me the chance to…
- Good morning/afternoon/evening ladies and gentleman
- It’s my pleasant duty today to…
- I’ve been asked to…
- the subject of my presentation is…
- I shall be speaking today about…
- My presentation concerns…
- Today’s topic is…
- Today we are here to give a presentation on…
- Today we are here to talk about…Before we start, I’d
like you meet my team members…
- A brief look at today’s agenda…(告诉听众所讲内容的先后顺序)
- Before we start our presentation, let’s take a brief look at the agenda…
- I shall be offering a brief analysis of…
- the main area that I intend to cover in this presentation is…
- Take a moment and think of…
- Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you about…
- During the next ten minutes, I shall…
- I shall be speaking for about ten minutes…
- My presentation will last for about ten minutes…
- I won’t take up more than ten minutes of your time…
- I don’t intend to speak for longer than ten minutes…
- I know that time is short, so I intend to keep this brief
- I have a lot to cram in to the next ten minutes, so I’d
better make a start…
- I’m going to be speaking about something that is vitally important to all of us.
- My presentation will help solve a problem that has puzzled people for years…
- At the end of this presentation you will understand why this company has been so successful for so long…
- I am going to be talking about a product that could double your profit margins…
- the next ten minutes will change your attitude to sales and marketing…
- Over the next ten minutes you are going to hear about something that will change the way your companies operate…
- By the end of this presentation you will know all there is to know about…
- there are five main aspects to this topic (…the first,… the second, …a third, …another, … the final)
- I am going to examine these topics in the following order(…first, …next, …after that, …finally)
- I’ve divided my talk into five parts…
- I will deal with these topics in chronological order…
- I’m going to start with a general overview and then focus on this particular problem (…in general, …more particularly).
- I want to start with this particular topic, and then draw some more general conclusions from it (…specifically, …in a wider context).
- there are (a number of) factors that may affect…
- We have to take into account in any discussion of this subject, the following considerations.

1.Welcome to China.欢迎到中国来。
2.We are delighted to see you again.我们很高兴又再见面了。
3.We’ve been counting the days to see
4.I hope you’ll stay as log as possible.我希望你尽可能住久一点。
5.I hope you will have a very enjoyable
6.It is my GREat pleasure to say to Mr. Smith “Welcome
back to Taiwan!’’我很高兴能够对史密斯先生说“欢迎回到台湾”。
7.It is my special pleasure to welcome Mr.
8.It is my pleasure to welcome Miss Smith
9,It is my pleasure to welcome you all here to
10.It is my pleasure to welcome Mr. Smith to our
11.Welcome to our company from all the members of this
section, Mr. Smith.史密斯先生,本课所有同仁欢迎你到本公司来。
12.I take GREat pleasure in bidding you all a hearty
welcome to our company.很高兴能够衷心的欢迎您来我们公司。
13.It is my GREat pleasure to say a few words of hearty
welcome to Mr. Smith.很荣幸能说几句话表示对史密斯先生衷心欢迎。
14.the first thing that I would like to say to Mr. Smith
is a hearty “ Welcome home!”我最先想对史密斯先生说的心底话是:欢迎回国!
15.I want to assure Mr. Smith that we will all give him
our support in his efforts.我想向史密斯先保证,我们每个人对他的努力将给予支持。
16.It is my pleasure and honor to welcome back Mr. Smith
who has been in Canada for the past three
17.Please go ahead before it gets cold.趁热吃。
18.Thank you for your kindness.谢谢你的一番盛情。
19.I’m very happy that I’ve come back to
20.I had long been looking forward to coming
21.I’m very grateful to you for all your
22.I have no words with which to thank you for holding
this welcome party for me.我不知要用什么话来感谢你们为我办这个欢迎会。
23.I don’t know how I can thank you sufficiently for
holding this welcome party for
24.On behalf of all my fellow students from Taiwan I
wish to say a word of hearty thanks to Mr.
.Goodbye, and have a good year.再见了,祝你未来一年都很顺利。
2.We are gathered here today to send off one of our
upperclassman, Mr. Smith, who has been appointed to his
new post in London.
3.May you have the best of luck in San
4.1.I really don’t know whether to be happy or sad here
5.A year seems like such a long time to be away, so we
will miss you a lot, and we hope you will miss us,
6.We will miss him as a worker amongst us and also as a
cheerful friend who could always brighten the day around
7.I hope you will think of me from time to time as I
shall be thinking of you
8.I certainly wish Mr. Smith the best of luck in
everything he undertakes, either academically or
socially, at Hope College and in
9.Thank you for taking time off from your busy jobs to
come here tonight to say goodbye to Miss
10.All the members of your department are before you
today to wish you farewell and good luck in your
11.Soinstead of concluding my speech with the customary
“Good-bye,” allow me to say “Good luck and much
12.I’m full of excitement.我很兴奋。
13.I owe a GREat deal to all of you.我欠你们大家太多了。
14.Thank you for coming here tonight to see me
15.I will miss all of you while I’m
16.I thank all of you for what you have done for
17.I did not expect at all that you would hold a party
like this for me.我一点也没想到你们为我举办一个这样的聚会。
18.In the first place, I wish to say a word of thanks
for holding this send-off party for
19.I certainly am thankful to the company for giving me
such a chance, and I earnestly hope that I will live up
to everyone’s
20.I’d like to thank Mr. Smith not only for coming to
this party, but also for making such a nice speech full
of good advice and kind words

1.Welcome to the International Culture Camp being held
in this beautiful location of the Sun Moon
2.I want to welcome you all here today and give a few
words of advice to you.欢迎大家今天来到这里,我想给大家几点建议。
3.Please keep your cabins clean at all time.请随时把小屋子保持干净。
4.It is advisable not to miss any meals, as this country
air will stimulate you
5.1.I want to take a few moments to welcome the 10 young
Americans who have come all the way from the States to
help out with this camp
6.It is my privilege, on behalf the camp leaders, to bid
our foreign guests a hearty
7.1.Allow me to conclude by bidding all the foreign
delegates a hearty welcome once more, and by wishing all
of you the best of luck.最后我再一次对国外代表表示由衷的欢迎,并祝大家万事如意。
8.I hope you have a fine time in Taiwan, and I hope you
make many new friends.我希望你们在台湾玩得愉快,并交到很多新朋友。
9.It is my job to introduce the foreign guests who will
be spending the week with us here.我的事是介绍与我们在此共度这个星期的外宾。
10.Thank you all for coming and taking part in our
11.I have been chosen by the camp staff and the Chinese
campers to say a few words of thanks to you for your
participation here in the last three
12. Thank you once again for coming here.再一次谢谢你们光临本地。
13.How can words express our gratitude!什么话也无法表达我们的感谢!
14.Please accept this small gift, a plaque made by us
and signed by all of the campers, as a token of our
15.Good-bye is a sad thing to say, but I must, so
goodbye and I hope I’ll see you
16.On behalf of the sponsors, I wish to apologize for
any inconveniences that any of the participants, and
especially the foreign guests, may have had to suffer in
connection with hotel accommodations, meals, or


2.Let me congratulate you on your success.恭喜你成功了。
3.It is my GREat privilege to say a word of congratulation to Mr. Smith on the occasion
4.It is my GREat pleasure to say a word of hearty congratulation to Mr. Smith on the occasion
5.I wish to congratulate the staff members who are present here today on the memorable occasion
6.It is my GREat pleasure this evening to welcome Mr.Smith, who has just arrived from Chicago and will be spending several weeks inTaiwan.今晚我很荣幸来欢迎史密斯先生,他刚从芝加哥来,将在台湾停留几个礼拜。
7.It is with a GREat pleasure that we gather here today
to hear Mr. Smith, who is~.今天很荣幸大家聚在一起听史密斯先生讲话,他是~
8.On behalf of everyone gathered here tonight, I would like to say how happy we are to see you
9.We are all thrilled that won in such a famous contest.
10.Thanks also goes to Mr. Smith who has spent many long hours working with us.也要谢谢史密斯先生,他与我们工作了一段很长的时间。
11.We are here today to pay our respects to Mr. Smith,winner of the Taiwan Golf
12.I am truly happy to speak for all of us in congratulating Mr. Smith, the winner of the
13.It is a GREat pleasure to gather here today to pay honor to our debating team which won in the All-TaiwanDebating Contest.
14.On behalf of the judges, I want to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt congratulations to your team members on your stunning victory in the debating contest.
15.Unfortunately, due to pressure of business, her husband has been unable to come to Taiwan this time, but I understand he hopes to pay a visit nextyear.
16.During her all too brief stay here, Mrs. Smith will be renewing acquaintance with many of her old friends and visiting? Places she knew well before.
17.Let me begin by saying “Thank you” to all who have come to attend this evening.

1.Happy birthday to you, Mary!玛莉,祝你生日快乐!
2.May you live to be hundred years old.祝你长命百岁(寿比南山)。
3.May all your birthdays be happy and gay.祝你所有的生日都充满欢乐与喜悦。
4. Thank you for your kind invitation.谢谢你一番好意邀请我来。
5.Thanks for inviting me.谢谢你邀请我来。
6.It’s very kind of you to invite me.你邀请我来,真是一番好意。
7.Ladies and gentlemen, I wish to propose a toast to our
8.Happy birthday from all us!我们全体祝你生日快乐!
9.What a joy it is to have wonderful friends like
10.I want to express our heartfelt congratulations to you on your seventeenth birthday.你过十七岁生日,我要向你表示我们衷心的祝贺之意。
11.We all hope we will have the pleasure of celebrating
many more with you.我们都希望每年都能高兴的和你过生日。
12.We have bought this present for you, and we hope you’ll keep it for many years to
13.All of the people (students) here want to wish you the happiest of birthdays and many more to come in the future.这里所有的人(学生)都祝你过最快乐的生日,将来也年年如此。
14.It is a real pleasure to be here among such old and true friends who have gathered to help you celebrate your birthday.能够和你的老朋友和忠实的朋友们一起来帮你庆生,真是很高兴。
15.I consider it a GREat privilege to say a word ofhearty congratulation to Bob on the happy occasion of his birthday.
16.Thank you all once again for coming.谢谢你们再度光临。
17.Words can’t express how grateful I am to you
18.I am truly honored by the kindness and attention you
have shown me today.今天你们对我的厚意与关照,我真的感到很荣幸。
19.Please sit down with us now and eat and drink and
have a good time.现在请和我们坐下来一起吃,一起喝,好好的玩。
20.I wish to repeat what I said at the beginning of my
speech: “Thank you for coming to this party, and in
particular, for the assurance you have given me of your
warm friendship by your kind gifts and words of
- We all ought to be aware of the following points.

1.Merry Christmas!耶诞快乐!
2.Happy New Year!新年快乐!
3.Merry Christmas to you all!祝你们都耶诞快乐!
4.Happy Thanksgiving!感恩节快乐!
5.Thank you all for coming tonight to celebrate this
happy and joyous occasion.感谢你们今晚来庆祝这愉快、欢欣的日子。
6.We all thank you for your kind invitation
7.Thank you for your kind invitation to join with you in
this wonderful Thanksgiving
8.It is a GREat honor for me to speak to you all here
tonight at this New Year party.今晚在这新年聚会上我很荣幸能对大家讲讲话。
9.Let me, at first express a few words of gratitude to
our host, Mr. Smith.首先让我对我们的主人史密斯先生说几句话,以表示感激之意。
10.It is my GREat pleasure to wish you all a very Merry
11.I’d like to say a word of hearty thanks to my host
and hostess, Mr. And Mrs. Smith, for inviting me to this
Christmas party.男主人和女主人史密斯先生和夫人邀请我参加那诞聚会,我想说句话以表示我衷心的感谢。

12.We are meeting here tonight in the house of Mr.
Smith, along with other American friends of his, to
observe Easter.今晚我们聚集在这儿,史密斯先生的家,还有他的美国朋友,一起来庆祝复活节。
13.I wish, first of all, to thank my host and hostess
for inviting me to this Christmas
14.Let me begin by saying, “ A Happy New Year! “ to all
of you and especially to Mr. Smith, our guest of
15.Let us all now drink a toast to the future success of
the company.现在我们大家一起来干杯,祝公司未来鸿图大展。
1.Happy Mother’s Day!母亲节快乐!
2.I feel there is no way I can get out of making a
3.Of course, everybody knows what day it is
4.I want to say a special word of thanks to my
5.Thank you all again for coming here today. I am
pleased and honored.今天很感谢你们又都来这儿,我感到很高兴,也很荣幸。
6.I’m pleased to stand before you today on this most
beautiful of holidays, Mother’s
7.It I had the time, I would have gone around to each
one of you to give you my thanks.如果我有时间,我就一一去向各位致谢了。
8.You all have been so kind to come here
9.I have been given the special honor to make a few
remarks to you on this special day for fathers
10.Allow me, first of all, to thank you all from the
bottom of my heart for coming to this party in such
11.I wish to conclude by thanking you one more for your
good wishes.最后我要再一次感谢你们的祝福。
12.I wish to congratulate the sponsors who have
organized this wonderful gathering.我要恭喜发起人,他们计画这次完美的聚会。
13.I am sure that everyone here joins with me in wishing
the mothers who are present here, and through them, all
the mothers throughout the world, continued health and
2.Thank you for your invitation.谢谢你们的邀请。
3.We are here to witness the union of two lives in
4.I now give the toast to the bride and groom, Mary and
5.Today is indeed a joyous occasion for all of us
present here.对我们列席的每个人而言,今天真是个令人欢欣的日子。
6.It is my pleasure to call Mary my closest and dearest
7.I’m sure everyone here joins me in wishing you two,
Bob and Mary, the very best that life has to offer you
in your marriage.我确信今天在座的每个人都会和我一同祝福鲍伯和玛莉们俩过最美满的婚姻生活。
8.I will conclude by congratulating the young couple on
their marriage, and wishing them a long life of
happiness together.最后我们恭喜这对年轻新人,祝他们白头偕老,幸福美满。
9.Words can’t express what is in their hearts. Bob and
Mary will never forget you for what you have done for
10.We are gathered here today to celebrate the wedding
of my best friend, Bob and his wonderful bride,
11.It is my GREat privilege, on this most auspicious
occasion, to say a word of congratulation to the groom,
Mr. Smith, and to wish much happiness to his lovely
12.On behalf of the classmates of the bridegroom, it is
my GREat privilege to offer hearty congratulations to
Mr. Smith on the happiest occasion of his life, and to
his lovely
13.I consider it a special privilege to wish the bride
on behalf classmates the best of luck and much happiness
on the occasion of her
14.I wish to conclude my speech with a prayer for the
continued happiness of the newly married
15.Allow me to conclude my brief speech by wishing the
bride and bridegroom all happiness and the best of luck
for the future.谨祝新郎新娘将来美满、多福,作为我短短讲这些话的结束。

Hello everyone,

I’m honored to be nominated the monitor for today’s debating contest.

The topic for our debate today is ……

First please let me introduce the contestants of both sides.

Those on the pros are XXX, XXX, XXX, and XXX.

Those on the cons are XXX, XXX, XXX, and XXX.

As everybody is ready now, here starts the debate.

Now give us a fair and sportsmanlike debate.




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